Coronavirus situation

Dear all

The Coronavirus situation has taken another turn, and the government declared a “lockdown” last night. We’ve written a short explanation of the lockdown and what we know (or think) it will mean for carers. We’ve also laid out what we’re doing right now as an organisation to deal with the situation. These are scary times and we want to make sure you are staying well-informed and keeping as well as you can in the circumstances.

The Government has put the UK in “Lockdown.” What does this mean?
The government has announced new rules that aim to slow down the spread of the coronavirus, Covid-19. The idea is to keep people in their own homes as much as possible.

What are the new rules?

People must stay at home. They can only leave for these reasons:

Shopping for necessities, as infrequently as possible. It is better if you order food online and have it delivered. Medical supplies, too, are best ordered in this way.

One form of exercise a day, such as running or cycling, alone or with household members.

For medical or care needs, for example to help a vulnerable person. So, caring for a relative who doesn’t live with you is ok. For parents who live apart, moving children between homes is ok.

Travelling to and from work, but only if you cannot work from home. Workers in shops selling essential items will be allowed to go to work, as will NHS and care workers, social workers, delivery drivers, the emergency services, essential utilities workers, refuse workers. It is unclear what (if any) other jobs may be covered by this.

You cannot meet friends.

You cannot shop for non-essentials. Shops selling non-essential goods will be closed.

You cannot gather in crowds.

It is likely that hospital visits will be banned but this was not made clear. They are already very restricted.

What enforcement action will there be?

Police will be able to enforce the rules, and impose fines for people who do not abide by them.

All shops selling non-essential goods will be forced to close. All libraries will close. All hotels and other hospitality facilities will close. Outdoor gyms and playgrounds will be closed.

All places of worship will be closed.

All public gatherings of more than two people will be banned, apart from people who live together.

All parties, weddings and baptisms are banned. Funerals will be allowed to take place.

How long will it last for?

At least three weeks. After that the government will review the situation. There is no guarantee that it will be lifted at that point. A lot depends on how well people stick to these rules.

What is the Carers Centre doing?

Currently our staff are working from home to ensure that we can continue to offer a limited service.

Our phone lines are open and we will try to answer any queries we can. We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you informed. Ring us on 0116 2510999

We will contact you by email or you can find us on Facebook at

We’re also monitoring the local care situation. For that we need your help: please let us know if you’re having difficulties with anything around care: getting supplies for care needs, care worker issues, etc. This will help us to gain an accurate picture of how things are working for carers.

We’re looking at other ways to help – we’ll keep you informed.

Over 25 Years of Supporting Carers

We are a Leicestershire based charity and dedicated to supporting family carers across the diverse population of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland who look after people with different needs.

In Leicestershire there are over 105,000 family carers and we help over 3,000 carers every year. As a highly valued organisation we receive many referrals from GPs, social workers, health professionals, police and other charitable organisations. We offer a range of free services to help both practically and emotionally.

By giving family carers ongoing dedicated support we can help them cope with their situations within their own homes. Our work makes a huge difference to carers struggling to cope with disabled and critically ill loved ones.

Our Aims:

  • Enhance the quality of life of carers and their families
  • Empower carers to maximise their rights and entitlements
  • Raise public awareness of carers and their needs
  • Raise awareness of the value of carers and their contribution to society
  • To become a recognised centre of excellence

Carers provide ongoing support to a relative, friend or neighbour who, due to ill health, long term condition or disability cannot manage without their help. Carers can be any age or sex, from all backgrounds and communities.

Caring responsibilities can include providing personal care (washing, bathing, dressing, feeding), cooking, housework, shopping, managing finances, helping with medication and injections, as well as providing emotional and social support. Carers are not paid for providing help, although some may be eligible for benefits.

The Carers Centre is run by a Board of Trustees, the majority of whom are carers or former carers. Currently, all of our staff are carers or former carers.

Over 60% of family carers are likely to suffer from back injury as a direct result of poor moving and handling techniques. While care staff are protected by law and entitled to receive training, family carers often do not receive the same protection. The Carers Centre is now offering FREE moving and handling training to family carers. Read More


The Carers Centre has access to a wide range of information and can help you with information about social care and health services, carers rights, and a range of other information.

Consulting Carers

Consulting with carers is a crucially important aspect of The Carers Centre’s existence and its future development. We aim to give carers a voice in the way our services are run and in the development of new services. Read More