The Carers Centre is still here for you

Currently our staff are all working from home but our helplines are still open if you need support, advice or information. Our phone line is open: 0116 2510999 email us:

The Carers Centre is here to support all unpaid carers to understand what their rights and entitlements are and how they can access services to help them with their caring role.  To raise awareness we have issued a press release and a helpful quick guide to carers rights and support available.

The Press Release is available to view here  The quick guide is here

To mark Carers Rights Day 2020, today CarersUk have released new research which estimates that the care provided to date during the COVID-19 pandemic by unpaid carers is a staggering £135 billion; meaning each day during the pandemic, unpaid carers are saving the UK state £530 million in the care they provide. You can read the report in full here.

Previous research we have undertaken in recent months found that the majority (81%) of carers have been taking on more care since the start of the pandemic, and nearly two thirds (63%) are worried about how they will continue to manage over winter.

Carers Trust have also released a new report calling on the Governement to provide extra support for unpaid carers: A Few Hours to call My own

Carers Centre  – Groups, Training &  Activities

Although we are unable to provide face to face services whilst the lockdown continues, we have a regular programme of weekly events, training and support groups taking place during JANUARY These include:

  • Self Help Support Groups – Carers of Adults every Friday morning & Carers of under 18’s every Tuesday afternoon
  • Information Sessions – Talks On: Hope Hospice; Coping with Sight Loss
  • Stay Well Together – Chair Exercise; Mindfulness; Bach Flower Remedies; Sing A Long with Kyle
  • Crafty Carers
  • Bingo, Quizzes, Carers Cuppa and more…..

For more information about our December groups and activities please see our latest newsletter

or see our timetable at

or go to our Facebook page

All services are free of charge and open to all carers. If you would like to join in with any of activities please contact us and we will arrange for all the details of how to join. All you will need is either a smart phone or laptop/PC with internet access. We will do the rest!

Although all of our fundraising events have been cancelled we are finding we are needed more then ever so we are busy applying for grants to enable us to continue to offer a range of services. Please see our FaceBook page via the link above or contact us directly for information about our how to support our fundraising efforts.

FREE Training Opportunity

These courses are delivered by Promas – an independant service from The Carers Centre.  However through our work with their organisation we hope to provide additional support to carers who feel they may benefit from participating in these online courses.  If you are interested and wish to receive step by step instructions on how to access the free online training courses for carers.  Please contact The Carers Centre on 0116 2510 999 or email us at

For more information

Over 25 Years of Supporting Carers

We are a Leicestershire based charity and dedicated to supporting family carers across the diverse population of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland who look after people with different needs.

In Leicestershire there are over 105,000 family carers and we help over 3,000 carers every year. As a highly valued organisation we receive many referrals from GPs, social workers, health professionals, police and other charitable organisations. We offer a range of free services to help both practically and emotionally.

By giving family carers ongoing dedicated support we can help them cope with their situations within their own homes. Our work makes a huge difference to carers struggling to cope with disabled and critically ill loved ones.

Our Aims:

  • Enhance the quality of life of carers and their families
  • Empower carers to maximise their rights and entitlements
  • Raise public awareness of carers and their needs
  • Raise awareness of the value of carers and their contribution to society
  • To become a recognised centre of excellence

Carers provide ongoing support to a relative, friend or neighbour who, due to ill health, long term condition or disability cannot manage without their help. Carers can be any age or sex, from all backgrounds and communities.

Caring responsibilities can include providing personal care (washing, bathing, dressing, feeding), cooking, housework, shopping, managing finances, helping with medication and injections, as well as providing emotional and social support. Carers are not paid for providing help, although some may be eligible for benefits.

The Carers Centre is run by a Board of Trustees, the majority of whom are carers or former carers. Currently, all of our staff are carers or former carers.

Over 60% of family carers are likely to suffer from back injury as a direct result of poor moving and handling techniques. While care staff are protected by law and entitled to receive training, family carers often do not receive the same protection. The Carers Centre is now offering FREE moving and handling training to family carers. Read More


The Carers Centre has access to a wide range of information and can help you with information about social care and health services, carers rights, and a range of other information.

Consulting Carers

Consulting with carers is a crucially important aspect of The Carers Centre’s existence and its future development. We aim to give carers a voice in the way our services are run and in the development of new services. Read More