As we are not currently able to provide face to face sessions we are providing all of our Training and Information sessions by Zoom video groups.

Our Training and Information sessions change every month and are dependent on what funding we can access. These have included:

  • First Aid for Carers
  • Moving & Handling
  • Understanding Dementia
  • Self care & Wellbeing
  • Emergency Planning
  • Relaxation and Stress Management
  • Wills & Trusts
  • Planning how to pay for long term Care

If there is a specific training need that you have, please contact us and let us know details. We are always searching for new funding to enable us to provide training for carers and your views will help us to plan to meet your needs.

FREE Training Opportunity

These courses are delivered by Promas – an independant service from The Carers Centre.  However through our work with their organisation we hope to provide additional support to carers who feel they may benefit from participating in these online courses.  If you are interested and wish to receive step by step instructions on how to access the free online training courses for carers.  Please contact The Carers Centre on 0116 2510 999 or email us at

For more information

Facebook Group

If you would like to join our first FaceBook discussion
group please go to and request to join the group. It is a private group and your request will need approval before you can join in the discussion or view any previous topics. We ask that you sign up to a group agreement to join the group. This is to ensure that the groups remain private and secure.  If you would like to know more about the group or how to join please call us on 0116 2510999. (please note, you will need a FB account to join)

Virtual Self Help & Advocacy groups

These are group sessions and will explore issues that are raised by the group members and offer both peer support and professional advocacy advice in a similar way to our traditional groups.

Every Wednesday at 2pm – Self Help group for Carers of under 18’s

Every Friday at 11am – Self Help Group for Carers of Adults

Promas FREE Online Training

Promas Online offers online training and support to help unpaid carers to deal with the challenges they face. Our courses can change carers lives. 
Whether its managing stress, finding coping strategies, understanding Dementia, Caring for yourself or Caring for someone with Mental Ill Health to name but a few of our courses, we can help. 

Our award-winning courses have been so successful in Cornwall and Plymouth that we are now offering them online to ensure that all carers can access the training, regardless of where they live or the physical and time limits that their caring role might place upon them.

Contact us here at The Carers Centre to get the access codes to be able to take part in this free online training - 0116 2510999