The Carers Centre has access to a wide range of information and can help you with information about social care and health services, carers rights, and a range of other information.

If you want to download more information about benefits, we suggest you visit for more information.

In response to changes in the UK benefit system, the charity Turn2us has launched a new free and easy to use online Benefit Calculator vital tool is to help more people access financial support they may be entitled to.

We are currently looking at how to make our website more informative. Please check back to see what’s on offer soon!

Carers Allowance Customer Services

Anyone wanting further information on benefits please visit the website at 

Address: Carers Allowance Unit, Mail opening site A, Wolverhampton, WV98 2AB.

(LEA) Education Grants

If the family needs a substantial grant, they can apply for an education grant to cover the cost of high-value items including specialist tutorial support, learning tools (including specialist tools, books and course equipment), school necessities (including uniform and sports equipment) and transport cost.

PLEASE NOTE: It is vital the parent or carer has evidence of their trade connection before we can get the enquiry underway.(Click here for more details)

If you know a parent or carer that has child between the age of 0-18 and would like to know if they are eligible for a grant visit or call our grants coordinator, Dora on 0300 123 9002 (Calls cost no more than your standard rate)vailable for school uniforms!

Carers Trust Grants

In order for an application to be processed, carers will be required to make an appointment with The Carers Centre and bring all relevant information of finances in order to apply.  A maximum of £300 can be awarded by The Carers Trust. For a list of categories please contact us on 0116 2510 999.