What is Advocacy?

Advocacy is a word that is used more and more these days but many people still remain confused as to its meaning. At the Centre we define advocacy very simply. We believe that advocacy helps people to speak up for themselves, or that an advocate will speak up on behalf of an individual.

Self Advocacy

The advocacy  provided by the Carers Centre is of a self advocacy nature and aims to help carers build their own skills and knowledge in order to effectively advocate for themselves and on behalf of those they care for.

We provide Self Help Advocacy groups where carers can come together to share information and experiences as well as peer support for each other. All groups are led by an experienced advocate with regular visitors and presentations from key service providers.

The issue and topics discussed are led by the carers who are taking part in the group session.

The Carers Centre is independent of services like Social Services and the NHS. It aims to make a fairer balance of power between individuals, groups and professionals. If necessary, advocates will challenge the decisions that professionals make on behalf of carers. Information shared with our workers is strictly confidential. Information about you and your situation will not be shared with any other agency without your permission.

How do I join an advocacy group?

You can call The Carers Centre between 9am and 4pm, Monday to Thursday on (0116) 2510999, or email enquiries@thecarerscentre.org.uk. We will talk to you about your caring situation, provide advice and information and give you all the details of how to join a group. All carers are welcome.