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Connecting Carers Book Club

The Book Club is a reading group for unpaid carers. 

The Group meets once a week to talk about whichever book the group has chosen.  

There are all sorts of books that members have read such as romance, history, sci-fi, crime, comedy and dystopian.

Many carers find reading difficult for one reason or the other but they can still take part in the session. 

A sample of the session with a few members discussing one of the books they have read can be found on the 'Watch/Listen' button. 


If you would like to join us please click on the 'Contact Us' button below.

Contact Us

Carers Rights Day

November 2021

Members of The Creative Writing, Book Club and Crafty Carers groups have managed to get together for Carers Rights Day. Not only were they looking at carers rights but they were also 'prescribing' poems for other carers who requested them, to help them cope with their caring role and making cards for the poems to go into.

To read some of the poems chosen and written by carers for carers please click on the 'Creative Writing' button below

Creative Writing

Below is what some of our carers have said about Book Club

I thoroughly enjoyed the book club. I’ve made lots of friends and people from all walks of life, nice to have a broader outlook.

Because I’ve been ill, I’d stopped reading, so nice to get into it again.

Having not attended a book club before I really enjoyed it.

I've not been in a book club before but I really 

enjoy sharing experiences, opinions.

I didn’t think I'd manage being in a book club but 

I’m enjoying discussing and reading.

I don’t always understand the books, but if other people get it, 

it helps me understand.

I have less time now. By having the book, 

I’m forcing myself to take time out for me.

I hated reading at school but I enjoy reading now.

As carers, we don’t get much time to do things for ourselves.

We don’t go out and meet friends because 

we turn down so many invitations.

Reading takes away the pain of not 

meeting up with other people, it’s escapism.