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Creative Writing

Our Creative Writing group was launched following a Carer in the group talking about some of the poems she has written and had published and how she used it as a way to escape from the reality of her caring for family members.

The easiest explanation of creative writing is all about using your imagination and creativity to express ideas and thoughts in a way which is personal to you. 

You can use a diary, note pad, a tablet or laptop to do your writing.  The chose is yours to make and our carers used anything and everything.

Poetry Pharmacy

January 2022

Having enjoyed their first attempt at writing poems for other carers today our carers found appropriate poems and/or wrote their own poem to meet the needs of the carers who requested at poem.  

This is turning out to be a fantastic activity not only does it meet the needs of those who asked for the poems but it also meet the needs those who are searching for suitable poems or writing the poems themselves.

Carers Rights Day

November 2021

Members of The Creative Writing, Book Club, and Crafty Carers groups have managed to get together for Carers Rights Day. Not only were they looking at carers rights but they were also prescribing poems for other carers who requested them, to help them cope with their caring role and making cards for the poems to go into.