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Have Your Say & Be Heard

We at The Carers Centre Leicestershire and Rutland knows that Carers are the expert in their field which is their lived experiences of caring for someone. Therefore, they should be able to have a say in the decisions that affect them and/or the person they care for along with having a say in the policies and the services that is provided for them.

Carers voices should be heard and listened to at all levels.

We offer Information and Training in our Together We Care groups on how to develop self advocacy skills and how to navigate the complex health and social care world getting the best suport you can for yourself and the person you care for.

There is also a Being Heard guide produced by Carers UK which is self-advocacy guide for carers and will help you communicate your needs with professionals, know your rights and look after your wellbeing. Please see the links are below.

Together We Care

   Information and Training   

Carers UK  Being Heard: 

a self-advocacy guide for carers

We regularly ask carers to tell us what they think about our services and what should be changed to improve what we do. Carers choose what group sessions focus on and we encourage group members to take the lead in discussions whenever possible.  

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