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0116 251 0999

Together We Care - Working Carers of Adults

Are you looking after an adult who could not manage without your help?

Would you like information, advice and support to help you look them?

Then please join us once a month  

7.00 - 8.30pm

Flexible Working – Balancing work with caring is challenging – but flexible working can help. Carers UK's “Let’s talk about flexible working” guide has practical information to help you start the conversation with your employer. Click the Flexible Working Guide to download a copy

Flexible Working Guide

Below are some of the issues Working Carers have spoken about in this group 

  • Health and wellbeing
  • How to be assertive
  • How to access adult services in health and social care 
  • How to get a carer’s assessment
  • Planning for an emergency
  • Carers' employment rights

People in the group decide what they want to talk about, so please do tell us if you have any suggestions

Find Out More

Look at what our carers are saying

I enjoyed the group tonight. The main thing I have found about caring is it's nice to be with other people who understand because you lose so many people along the way. You feel so isolated

I'm blown away - I've been looking for support for years. I knew about The Carers Centre but couldn't access activities because I work in the day.

"I've never thought of myself as a carer, I am a mother with a disabled daughter, I have a father who is getting elderly. When your volunteers told me I was a carer, it was like someone had taken hold of my shoulders and given me a shake

The session on emergency planning started me thinking. All the things on the presentation were really important, particularly the grab bag. I think the grab bag is a brilliant idea

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