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0116 251 0999

Together We Care 

Working Parents/Carers

Are you looking after a child or young person (aged 0-25 years) with special educational needs or a disability?

Would you like information, advice and support to help you look after your child?

Then please join us once a month 


Flexible Working – Balancing work with caring is challenging – but flexible working can help. Carers UK's “Let’s talk about flexible working” guide has practical information to help you start the conversation with your employer. Click the Flexible Working Guide to download a copy

Flexible Working Guide

Some of the issues the group talk about have included:

  • health and wellbeing
  • how to be assertive
  • how to access children and young people's services in education, health and social care (0-25 years)
  • how to get a carer’s assessment
  • how to deal with difficult behaviours
  • how to deal with issues around food
  • supporting young people through puberty

People in the group decide what they want to talk about, so please do tell us if you have any suggestions

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This is what our carers have told us

I find this group wonderfully helpful, it is nice to be able to talk to other parents who are in a similar situation

I find your information so invaluable

I used your PowerPoint about accessing social care and quoted you when I made a complaint recently. Because of your help, I knew what I was entitled to

Thank you very much, I really appreciate you taking time to find some answers and information for me about supporting my child through puberty

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